There is a new scam going on in Great Falls and other parts of Montana. It all starts with a phone call to you or your business and they say they are from Northwestern Energy.  They demand payment in 30-60 minutes or your power will be shut off.

Jo Dee Black of Northwestern Energy says it's all a scam.  She says customers have told NorthWestern Energy that it is a live person that calls claiming to be from the energy company.  Black says the person will often ask that payment be made in the form of a particular gift card.  Others are reporting that they were sent a QR code on their cell phone, demanding payment be made to that link.

Black says NorthWestern Energy would never demand  immediate payment from their customers.  She says NorthWestern Energy always sends multiple disconnection notices before shutting off service for lack of payment.

We got word today from one Great Falls business, who wishes to remain anonymous, that they were contacted this morning.  They say the caller demanded to talk to the owner of the business right away.  When they told the caller that the owner was not in yet,  he told them to tell the owner to call 1-800-265-9713 ASAP to pay a deposit for new meters installed or power will be shut off.  The local company did some digging around and said the phone number does not match up with what is listed for the energy company.  They then called Google and officials there said the phone number is indeed a scam.

So remember,  NW energy says they will never call and demand immediate payment.  Just hang up the phone.

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