Some have said we should shoot the Chinese spy balloon out of the sky, but Congressman Matt Rosendale says what we need to do is capture the balloon and bring it down to be analyzed.  He says it is no accident or coincidence that it is floating over Montana and the U.S.

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Matt Rosendale


The republican congressman added, "or is it performing a test to see how far it can penetrate the U.S. before something is done?"

The  balloon entered U.S. airspace earlier this week and has been hovering over Montana for days.  Rosendale says it's probably not looking at Malmstrom and all the missiles that Montana has in the ground.  He said the Chinese most likely already have pictures of those things from satellites.

Rosendale says it's also probably not good to shoot it down right now, if at all, because we are not sure what it is made of and there would be a lot of debri spread out over a large area because the balloon is at 80 thousand feet up in the sky.

So what is the government doing about the balloon?

They continue to monitor it and track its progress.  As of this writing the balloon is reportedly over eastern Montana.  The Chinese say it is nothing more than a civilian weather balloon.  Despite what the chinese say, the U.S. government has moved to protect against the collection of sensitive information, though they would not say what that means.

Rosendale says it is his understanding that this Chinese spy balloon is at least three busses wide and he says we need to find a way to get it to the ground so we can analyze what information it might have.

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