The Blackfeet Tribal Business Council has asked council member Tim Davis to resign but Davis told the council he has no intention of resigning.  The request comes after the council learned of Davis' arrest in late February and again just last week.


Govt Photo
Govt Photo

On March 16th Davis was arrested and charged with Threatening a Public Official and Accountability.    The charges stem from a raid on his home where authorities found several hundred fentanyl pills.  According to the council the fentanyl pills were found by a construction crew who then told police.  According to reports,  Davis told the construction workers he would deal with the fentanyl pills instead of reporting them to law enforcement.  During the search of the home a large quantity of meth was also found.

Davis stepped down as chairman of the council a year ago after his home was raided but he remained on the council.  The Blackfeet Business Tribal Council says Davis was also charged on February 27th of this year with one count of Accountability and Disorderly Conduct.  These charges are the result of Davis allegedly knowing of a crime in progress and trying to block police from pursuing the crime. In this arrest Davis is caught on body camera cursing and yelling at police officers.

The council says the door is still open for Davis to resign.  If he doesn't, they say they will hold an expulsion hearing at 9am March 27th in an attempt to remove him for violating the by-laws of the council.  The council says Davis' actions amount to misconduct reflecting on the dignity of the Blackfeet Tribe or Blackfeet Tribal Business Council.  Davis has also been told to stay away from tribal offices and to not conduct any business as  representative of the council.

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