On Wednesday, Montana Democrat Senator Jon Tester announced that he would seek a fourth term in the United States Senate and shortly after the announcement the republicans were on the attack, including Montana Senator Steve Daines who happens to chair the National Republican Senatorial Committee. He said the following:

“Jon Tester just made the same mistake Steve Bullock did in 2020.  Both should have ended their political careers on their terms. Instead, they each will have their careers ended by Montana voters. Jon’s support for Joe Biden’s disastrous agenda of open borders, reckless spending, and massive tax hikes is a fireable offense.”

Tester almost had to run again in my opinion.  The Montana Democrat party has nobody else.  One thing the republicans have going for them in this senate race is two candidates that could give Tester a tough ride.  I know District Two Montana Republican Matt Rosendale would like to run.  Tester beat Rosendale in the 2018 senate race by about 18-thousand votes.  It was also the first time Tester ever got over 50% of the vote in a senate race.  The other candidate could be District One Republican Ryan Zinke.  Senator Tester told me yesterday that it will be Republican Senate Leader Mitch Mcconnell who will decide who runs against him.  He makes a good point.

Back to the republican party on their attacks on Tester.  Here is what the Montana Republican Party had to say.

Jon Tester has backed every single one of Joe Biden's disastrous policies. The Biden-Tester agenda has given us rising prices, higher taxes, and open borders that are hurting Montana communities. He does not represent Montana values, and voters will send that message loud and clear next November. " - Montana Republican Party Chair Don "K" Kaltschmidt

The republicans have picked this race as a chance to swing the senate back in the favor of republicans.  My guess is you could see this senate race top $200,000,000.  After all, $145,000,000 was spent on the Daines-Bullock Montana senate race two years ago.

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