Art Unsworth runs a cow/calf, yearling and grass operation east of Alberta, Canada.  I thought it would be interesting to visit with Art and compare challenges that agriculturalist north of the border face in comparison to the United States. What I learned was, although Canada and the United States have very different forms of government, when it comes to agriculture both countries are very similar.  Here is the full interview:


Most people know that the United States is a republic form of government with three branches to govern the country.  Executive (President), Legislative (Congress) and Judicial (Supreme Court).  Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy, which means it is a form of government in which a nonelected monarch functions as the head of state within the limits of a constitution. That means that King Charles III is the non-elected Monarch of Canada and Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister and head of the government. Agriculture is very similar throughout the world and the more folks I visit with, the smaller the world seems to be.


Credit sources: Art Unsworth,  Robert Longley (ThoughtCo.)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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