Covid19 introduced many people to new experiences, some good and some bad.  One good is curbside shopping. Prior to Covid, I preferred to shop in person early in the morning.  Get in, get what I need and get out. I still like speed and efficiency when it comes to shopping but now, I can buy my groceries in a relaxed state of mind sitting at my desk at home.

What is the positive about curbside shopping?  The two stores that I use here in Great Falls offers several features on their shopping system.  First, is a list of previously ordered items. I always check that list before clicking order.  It helps me mentally go through my list to see if anything is missing.  Second, both stores offer rewards for loyalty shopping.  Some of the rewards are free items or discounted items or the best bonus is money back. The best advantage to curbside is the curbside!  The ability to drive up, notify the store I am there and watch them bring it out and put it in my vehicle.

What are some of the drawbacks? Allowing someone else to shop for you stops your ability to decide which apple you want or if the cauliflower looks good.  In some cases, the store might make a substitution that doesn’t meet your standards.  The worst part is some stores run low on certain products and will only allow them to be sold to instore shoppers.  Although all of these examples can be frustrating, these are minor and rarely happen.

Overall, I am very happy with the service I receive from both stores that I shop at the most. I recommend giving it a try.

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