Enroll in Cascade County CERT Basic Class!

Looking to amp up your emergency response skills?

Well, buckle up because the Cascade County CERT Basic CERT Class is where it's at!

If you're itching to become a certified Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member, then you're in luck—registration is officially open!

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Get Involved With Cascade County CERT

Snagging a spot in the Cascade County CERT Basic CERT Class is as easy.

Just hop on over to missoulacert.org/#training to sign up.

The CERT Agenda

First, you'll tackle the online course, covering all the nitty-gritty classroom stuff.

Once you've aced that, it's time to get hands-on during our one-day skills check-off session.

But here's the deal: before you can dive into the hands-on fun, you gotta show us your completion certificate from the online course.

What Is CERT All About?

CERT, short for Community Emergency Response Team.

They're part of Cascade County Disaster and Emergency Services, swooping in to lend a hand when disaster strikes.

From supporting emergency services to pitching in at local events like flu shot clinics and the State Fair, they're all about making our community a better place.

What Will You Learn?

In the CERT program, you'll learn all sorts of useful information on disaster preparedness and response.

Think fire safety, search and rescue tricks, team organization, and handling medical emergencies during a crisis.

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