Broadcaster Baker Bob covers local AA Football for the Central MT Radio Network.  This week Baker Bob talked to CMR head coach Dennis Morris as he prepares for Billings Skyview on Friday night.  Here is the interview:

Baker Bob: Talking here with coach Morris CMR Rustlers. Coach last Friday night, great game against Belgrade. Is it fair to call that game against Belgrade a complete contest?

Coach Morris: Well, thank you. But, you know, the real answer is no. Super proud of our guys and the way that they came out. In fact, we didn't start the way we wanted to start and ended up turning the ball over on the first three possessions of the game and settled down. Partly that was my fault. Belgrade came out and wanted to play a slow game, so we turned up the juice and tried to play as fast as we could, almost too fast and lost our concentration. But once our guys settled into a rhythm, they really took care of business. So no, not really. We played a great, very good two quarters of football between the second and the third quarter, and then we were able to get our JV some playing time there. So again, just proud of our guys.

Baker Bob: It's great to see Isaiah Brown in the backfield. It gives your offense another dimension.

Coach Morris: Absolutely. Isaiah Brown had a possible concussion there in two days, and he is such a dynamic kid that we held him out, and he's a guy that we need down the road. But he came in and took six carries for 67 yards, and all six of those carriers were just explosive carries. And it's just so nice to have him back in there and give AJ a little bit of a break. But, Bob, we got two of the best running backs in the state, I think, and I'm just excited to watch Isaiah Brown work over the next couple of weeks.

Baker Bob: But watch out. Here comes Skyview at 0-3. How do you keep your Rustler athletes focused?

Coach Morris: Well, I'll tell you what we're still working on us first. Skyview on film they play really hard, and they have some athletic kids right there. But again, we're going to focus on what we do all summer long. Every morning we wake up at 6:00 am, we go lift weights, and we should be able to physically dominate them. So, we're going to continue working on our game and making sure that we play clean football with the focus on being physically dominating Skyview on both sides of the ball. And if we can accomplish those two things, it's going to be a victorious night.

Baker Bob: Excellent coach. Thank you

The game can be heard on Kool 92.9 with a 6:50 pre-game.

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