Climate Scientists Are Now Going After Cooking Food

Forewarning: I'm going to sound off a little bit in this article. Just when you think you've heard it all, you haven't!

Climate scientists are now blaming the smell of food for adding to the air pollution.

At what point are these studies getting borderline ridiculous?

Are we just not supposed to eat anymore?

Air Pollutants Emitted From Cooking Study

All right, so here's the skinny: Scientists with NOAA’s Chemical Sciences Laboratory conducted the 2021 SUNVEx field campaign, which is a deep dive into whether cooking food impacts the climate.

Research specifically looked into volatile organic compounds (VOC) produced from cooking.

The study was conducted in mobile laboratories in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The studies claim that VOCs ranged between 10% and 30%.

NOAA Climate Study Results

Scientists say that the results show that cooking emissions could very well be the single largest emission source of urban VOCs, which ultimately leads to poor air quality.

Climate Discussion

Is your blood boiling yet? Because mine is!

I'm not saying we should not be conscious of pollution and try to mitigate air pollution if possible.

But as I said earlier in this article, are people supposed just to stop eating?

Why in the world would we even waste money on a study like this?

There's not a darn thing we can do to change cooking pollution.

I suppose if all of us just start eating lettuce, maybe that would mitigate the pollution.

OK, now I'm stepping off my soapbox.

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