Millions Of Customers Impacted By Insurance Data Breach

As more personal information migrates to the digital world, the risk of data breaches becomes increasingly present and concerning.

If hackers manage to break into data, the wealth of information they can obtain is almost endless.

And that's exactly what happened to a major health organization and insurance provider recently.

Insurance Data Breach

Last week, the health organization Kaiser Permanente announced that it had experienced a significant data breach that will affect approximately 13.4 million past and present members.

Many news reports say this is the largest confirmed healthcare data breach in 2024.

Everything from patient names to browsing history and other information has been exposed through this date of breach.

LeakedKaiser Permanente Data

According to the Kaiser Permanente notice and various other news organizations that have reported on the incident, sensitive information that has been exposed includes names, IP addresses, sign-in statuses, browsing, and navigation history while on Kaiser Permanente's website and mobile apps.

It is unclear whether the breach impacted passwords.

According to Kaiser Permanente, security numbers and credit card information are not exposed. 

Although Kaiser Permanente does not operate in Montana, if you had or have used the company in the past. Your data may be subject to the data breach.

Kaiser Permanente operates in eight states: California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington. The company also operates 40 hospitals and hundreds of medical offices throughout the United States. 

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