Diabetes is a disease that over 37 million Americans suffer from according to the center for disease control.  Another 96 million Americans are in pre-diabetes stage. These numbers represent around 40% of the American population that either has the disease or might have it in the future.  Why is this an issue?  Over $240 billion in annual medical costs are directly related to diabetes and lost production has topped $100 billion.

Type I is the lack of insulin from the pancreas while Type II is insulin resistant. In other words, Type I diabetics don’t make any or enough insulin while Type II can make insulin, the body isn’t able to use it.  What is insulin?  It is a hormone/ chemical substance in the body that opens the blood cells so that glucose can be converted into energy. If the glucose can't enter the cells it remains in the blood stream and that creates a bunch of issues and side effects.

True/False- Diabetes is something fat people or out of shape people get. FALSE.  Diabetes can strike almost anyone.  Several other diseases have been linked to the onset of the malady including cystic fibrosis, coronavirus, pancreatitis and some drug or chemical treatments linked to other disease cures.

What are some of the side effects of diabetes? The higher blood sugar can create several issues including kidney damage, liver damage, heart damage and eyesight issues.  Neuropathy is also a side effect that affects several patients.  Keep in mind, I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice, this is only a small part of the ins and outs of diabetes.  My mom had Type I and my dad had Type II.  I have Type II and have been dealing with it for about 10-15 years.  Many of the symptoms can be managed with medication, but I have learned the best “medicine” is proper diet mixed with proper exercise.  Practicing these remedies is the hard part!

My advice is to listen to your medical advisor, do your research and be proactive in battling the disease.  Most people are sympathetic when it comes to cancer, a stroke or other diseases, but most people don’t understand diabetes. Education on the disease is vital to preventing it from continuing its rampant growth in America.

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