For those that aren't sure what that heated debate was all about last week on the U.S. House Floor,  I am here to try and clear it up.  There were at least 20 republican conservatives that would not  vote for Kevin Mccarthy as speaker of the house until they got some changes in the way things work in the house.

One of those was  Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale who represents central and eastern Montana.  He held out to the end, never voting for Mccarthy at any time.

Here is what the 20 conservatives were fighting for.  They were fighting to change the way things are done in the house so that everyone has a voice.

Below is a list of some of the things they were fighting for and got.

1.  They got the Jeffersonian Motion back in place.  This allows  a single member of congress to make a motion to remove the speaker if he goes back on his word.  Under the old house rules, it took at least five members.

2.   The house now has a "Church" style committee.  This allows house members to look into the weaponization of organizations such as the FBI.  Before it was not allowed in the house.

3.   The conservatives battled and got "single subject Bills."  This blocks efforts to load a bill with irrelevant nonsense.

4.  A border plan must be discussed and debated on the house floor.

5.  They also got a key ingredient, in that the house must pass a budget that stops an increase in the debt ceiling and holds the senate accountable.

6.   Ending emergency funding and all COVID mandates and funding.

7.  And here's a big one.  A new rule that requires 72 hours to read a bill before voting on it.  This is in direct reaction to the recently passed 1.7 trillion dollar spending plan approved late last year.  Under the 1.7 trillion dollar spending plan, the 4000 page  bill was given to everybody less than 24-hours before the scheduled vote on the bill.

I am wondering what you think....Did Rosendale do the right thing?  Is he working for you?  Would you vote for him again?  Or did you think it was all grandstanding?

Send your thoughts to me and I will use them in a future story on what Montana Thinks of Rosendale's holdout.

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