The ongoing saga of methamphetamine and fentanyl flooding Montana continues.

A Great Falls man admitted to trafficking both of these deadly drugs during his court hearing on June 20th.

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Dealing Drugs In Great Falls

The defendant, John Mead Ogburn, 45, was accused of dealing large quantities of drugs in various communities and was found with 2 pounds of meth wired under his truck.

Ogburn pleaded guilty to the accusations and is being charged with conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute meth and fentanyl.

Ogburn faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years to life in prison, a $10 million fine, and at least five years of supervised release.

A plea agreement was reached, with the parties agreeing to a prison sentence ranging from 12 years and seven months to 15 years and eight months.

Ogburn will remain in custody until further proceedings.

Drug Case Details

According to court documents, on September and October 2023, law enforcement with the drug task force learned that Ogburn was a supplier of meth and fentanyl..

Officers intercepted a UPS package containing 1757 fentanyl pills in November 2023.

The package was en route to Ogburn's home.

Later that year, in December, law-enforcement officers received additional information that another person had a large quantity of fentanyl powder.

A search warrant was executed on the individual's residence, and 1 pound of meth and 55 g of fentanyl powder were recovered.

Officers saw Ogburn at the individual’s home before and after the search, and the individual later told officers that the drugs were intended for Ogburn.

On Feb. 9, officers conducted an interdiction stop of an Acura and Dodge truck, which were believed to be associated with Ogburn.

Approximately 2 pounds of meth were wired under the truck and were found during the search.

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