As artificial intelligence continues to improve and hackers become more conniving, it almost seems as if there's a new scam to worry about every week.

One of the latest large-scale scams involves individuals claiming to be with the US attorney's office.

Scam Details

The US Attorney's office has been receiving multiple phone calls from concerned citizens about individuals making phone calls and claiming to be with the Financial Litigation Unit of the US Attorney's office.

The scammers are requesting restitution payments and claim that the victim failed to appear in court regarding COVID-19 relief funds.

The callers give a phone number in which the victim is supposed to call in order to make a payment.

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The US Attorney's office reminds everyone that they will never call requesting a payment of restitution over the phone.

If there is a past due restitution payment that is needed, the US attorneys office will send a letter from their office and the payments will only be made to the federal court.

Civil debts are paid through the Nationwide Central Intake Facility or through

If you receive a phone call from this individual or anyone claiming to be with the U.S. Attorney’s Office asking for restitution payments, this is a scam.

Report A Scam

If you think you are a victim of a scam or know someone who is, report it to the FBI at or the FBI Salt Lake City Field Office.

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