Be aware there's a jury duty scam circulating around Montana.

According to the Montana Department of Justice's Office of Consumer Protection, they've been receiving reports that fraudsters are pretending to be law enforcement and attempting to scam Montana out of thousands of dollars.

They are claiming that the individual has an arrest warrant out for them because they missed a jury duty date.

Jury Duty Scam Details

As one would expect with most 10 scams, the scammers urge the individuals to go to a bank, withdraw cash, and then deposit the funds into a Bitcoin machine or ATM.

It appears that the scammers also have personal information, such as the names and addresses of the individuals they have been targeting.

Location Of Jury Duty Scam Reports

As of the time of this article, Lewis and Clark County has been the only area with reports of the fraud.

Two people have fallen victim to the scam. The investigators were able to intervene.

Montana Department of Justice's Office of Consumer Protection urges Montanans who are trying to hang up the phone immediately and reach out to investigators.

You can contact investigators and file an online reporting form here or by calling (800) 481-6896 or (406) 444-4500.

Red Flags Of Scammers

  • Law enforcement doesn’t call you if there is a warrant for your arrest
  • Law enforcement/courts don’t take payment in the form of bitcoin
  • The immediate threat of incarceration
  • Directions not to speak to anyone or tell anyone

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