Geese in Great Falls, Montana, are just about as hot a topic as whether or not chickens should be allowed within city limits. Some folks love them, and others, well, not so much. I think the one thing we can all agree upon is that some of the geese are borderline suicidal! 

Geese In Great Falls

While scrolling through Facebook the other day, I stumbled upon a post on the What's Happening In Great Fall Montana Facebook page. And low and behold, a post about geese in Great Falls was garnering quite a bit of attention. The post reminded folks that the geese are out and to be cautious. Where it took a turn was claiming that if you smacked a goose with your vehicle, you could get a hefty fine. I highly encourage you to check out the original post linked above to read the rather entertaining comment feed. 

Let's be honest: going out of your way to hit a goose with your vehicle is messed up, even if a few of these waterfowl seemingly are asking for it! But is it technically illegal, and will it land you a fine? I dug into this question, and here's what I found out. 

What Happens If You Hit A Goose

The short answer is yes and no. The city doesn't protect the geese. However, they do fall under federal protection. So, if you decided to purposefully run over geese with your vehicle and get caught, you'll likely have to deal with the feds. Jen, the publisher of the Electric, broke it down the best with her comment on the post. If you accidentally smoke one with your car, it's no different than colliding with a deer. It's less than ideal, but not illegal. 

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