Broadcaster Baker Bob covers local AA Football for the Central MT Radio Network.  This week Baker Bob talked to GFH head coach Coda Tchida as he prepares for Gallatin on Friday night.  Here is the interview:

Baker Bob: Bob McNamee here on the Central Montana Radio Network talking to Coach Tchida for the Great Falls High Bison. The Bison came across a double AA powerhouse in Billings West last Friday, and it went the Bear's way. What did we learn and how to device and regroup?

Coach Tchida: You know, honestly, after the game, I was very proud of our effort. Realistically, we gave up seven points. Defensively offense had a turnover that turned into a touchdown along interception. So, I mean, we were in the game the entire time. We stuck with them. We just got to execute better in the red zone. If we do that, I think we walk away with a win there, but we'll bounce back. Our team's really resilient. Our seniors are super good at leading our group, and we're ready to go today, and we just have to have a great week of practice and prepare for Gallatin and their stingy defense. And offensively, they have some playmakers, so we'll be ready to go Friday night.

Baker Bob: Now, the first game at Memorial Stadium, you changed the lineup. Platt and Harris took on different roles. How's that been working for you?

Coach Tchida: Reid can play various different positions for us, which is great for our offense and our defense because we can kind of put him wherever we want. And Mason has done such a good job of playing tight end and receiver for us. It's nice to split him out when we need to. He's very reliable in the passing game as well as the blocking game. So, we're just trying to use all of our football players to the best of their ability and use their strengths, and that makes our team better. They've really taken on the roles and supported the decisions that we've made with our team, and it's been good for the overall process of what we're doing here at Great Falls High.

Baker Bob: Now, this week, the Bison are home. Get some home cooking. You'll be on your home turf for a Friday night contest against Gallatin. What do you expect out of them?

Coach Tchida: We've been away three of the four weeks, so it's been a lot of road trips and a lot of tough teams. But Gallatin brings a very stingy defense. They like to play a lot of man coverage, so our receivers are going to have to get open off of jams, so on and so forth. And our running game is still going to have to be our vocal point. And Trace Celt leaned the way there for race. Logan and Ash and Platt getting in there and running the ball a little bit. So, I think that we match up really well against them man for man, and I expect our team to come away with a big victory at home and put ourselves right back in the conference race on Friday night.

Baker Bob: You betcha. Thanks, Coach.

The game can be heard on 99.9 Big Sky Sports with a 6:50 pm MST pre-game start.

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