Bond has been set at $100,000 for 40 year old Jerry Stone.  He's charged with two counts of intimidation, one count of aggravated burglary, assault and criminal mischief all stemming from an incident at the Great Falls Rescue Mission last week.

In court documents obtained  by our newsroom, police say Stone threatened to stab one man saying, "I'll shank you and I'll shiv you."  He also allegedly told two other men to sit the f**k down or I'll kill both of you now,  I'll kill your f**king families, I like to gut people.

Stone was staying at the rescue mission at the time of the incident.  One man named Michael says Stone came into their room and claimed a gang affiliation and threatened he and another man saying,  "do you want me to slit your throat right now?"  Michael also told police that Stone also threatened to cut him from his, " nuts to his throat" and that he would kill and rape his family.  Police say there was a broken door and a broken table as well.

When police interviewed stone he told them that he was intoxicated after drinking a pint of vodka.  Stone did not admit to threatening the men but he did say that he challenged one man named Matthew to a fight to settle their differences.

Stone has a criminal past.  He was found guilty in federal court back in 2021 for being a felon in possession of a firearm.  He was given 36 months of supervised release.  We do not know what his other felonies were before the federal arrest.  According to federal documents he also goes by the name of Joshua Doefer and he's originally from Culbertson.

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