Sioux Necklace has been thrown in the Cascade County Jail after reportedly hitting his common law wife several times over a three year period and in an apparent attempt to keep his wife from getting access to their two infant children,  he locked them up in the family vehicle, left the vehicle at home and walked off with the only set of keys to the vehicle.

Necklace- State Prison Photo
Necklace- State Prison Photo

It was after he left that the wife called police and from there the story gets rather disturbing.  According to charging documents in the case,  the mother had dried blood coming from her right ear and a bruise starting to form under her left eye.  the mother told police that Necklace had been beating her for three days straight.


She told me (police officer) 3 days ago, he held the point of a knife to her neck leaving a small hole on her neck which I observed. Sioux put the 1 and 2 year old in the car and locked the doors before running away with the keys so wife could not get in to get the kids.

The kids were locked in the vehicle for about an hour and a half until police were able to get them out.  The officer on scene says in his report that one of the children was covered with white powder all over his face.  The child apparently was able to grab a pack of dry formula and was attempting to eat it dry.

Necklace, County Jail Photo
Necklace, County Jail Photo

Necklace was then tracked down and was questioned by police.  he admitted to putting the kids in the vehicle but denied hitting his wife over a three day period.  He also denied putting a knife to his wife's throat.  He did not have an explanation for her injuries.

Necklace is facing two counts of endangering a child and two counts of assault.  His bond has been set at $40,000.

He also has a prior criminal record and did serve some time in the state prison system.

DOCKET: CDC-22-335
COUNTY: Cascade
JUDGE: Kutzman
LEGAL TYPE: Original Sentence
SENTENCE TYPE: DOC Commit All Suspended

OFFENSE: Strangulation of a Partner or Family Member
CODE: 455215
OFFENSE DATE: 4/27/2022

DOCKET: BDC-20-359
COUNTY: Cascade
LEGAL TYPE: Probation Violation Sentence
SENTENCE TYPE: DOC Commit Partial Suspended

OFFENSE: Failure to Register as Sex or Violent Offender
CODE: 4623507
OFFENSE DATE: 3/23/2020

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