Hold on to your hats when you read this story. 

A 32 year old man from Great Falls is sitting in the county jail today charged with two counts of sexual assault against two different children.  Jonathan Crouch allegedly groped and kissed two children, a boy and a girl who were having dinner inside the Great Falls Rescue Mission.

Cascade County Jail Photo
Cascade County Jail Photo

Charging documents say crouch took the eight year old boy and began kissing him on the face.  This was all caught on security camera within the mission.  He then focused his attention on one of the young girls reportedly groping her,  touching her on her chest before trying to kiss her on her cheek.

It is also being reported that Crouch led the two victims and two of their other siblings into the bathroom but it is not clear if anything happened inside the bathroom.  Noticing the children following Crouch into the bathroom, the mother of the four young children asked mission staff for help in getting them out of the bathroom at which time she left with the kids.  Crouch can been seen on video following the family out the door with staff attempting to stop him.

 And the story doesn't end there.

Great Falls Police then conducted their interview with Crouch who admits that he hugged and kissed the children and then led them into the bathroom.  He tells police he wanted to sleep with the children and "cuddle" with them.  He also admitted to police that he has sexual fantasies involving children and that he has watched child pornography in the past.  He was booked in the county jail on a $100,000 bond.    It does not appear that  Crouch has any past criminal  history in Montana.

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