A Great Falls man is sitting in the county jail after stealing a truck in town and then leading authorities on a high speed chase.  Joshua Anderson, 40, reportedly stole a 2004 GMC Yukon on March 23.  He was later spotted in the Sun Prairie area where a Cascade County Deputy tried to pull him over.  He took off on police. The chase came to an end near Vaughn South Frontage Road.

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According to charging documents in the case, Anderson told police he found the Yukon unlocked with the keys inside and he decided to steal it because it was "an easy Target" and he thought he could get away with it.  Anderson went on to tell officers he had been smoking meth.  Police later searched the vehicle and found a metal smoking pipe. A gun was also found in the vehicle. It apparently was there when Anderson allegedly stole the truck.

Anderson is familiar to police, he has at least two prior violations of release conditions,  three felony forgeries, a felony theft, three misdemeanor thefts, a felony theft of identity, two felony drug possessions, and at least one prior revocation.  Even with all these convictions it does not look like he has spent any time in the state prison system.  When we ran a check, he did not come up in the state prison system.

He's sitting in the county jail on just a $10,000 bond and is facing charges of obstructing  a police officer, fleeing police and three other charges.  Oddly enough there is no report that he was charged with theft for allegedly stealing the truck.

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