*******Warning******* This story does contain some strong language.

22 year old Julien Stanley who has two prior felony convictions is back in jail today this time for threatening a former girlfriend.  On March 18 the former girlfriend only identified as LD in charging documents told police that Stanley threatened to kill her on a video he posted on Twitter.

Stanley- Montana Prison System.
Stanley- Montana Prison System.

Police watched the video and in the court paperwork they laid out what he said on the video.

The officer heading up the investigation says in the video Stanley says that LD is a "Fu**ing Whore."  He is also heard saying "that if you ever come to Montana, you're going to f**king die" adding that he knows where she lives and "I'm going to kill you."

Stanley also mentions in the video that "SHE" doesn't know that he's in the "cartel."  LD says she became very scared after seeing the video, telling police they dated for about a year before it ended in November of 2022.  LD also expressed concern for her parents who currently live in Great Falls.

He is in the county jail on one charge of intimidation which can carry a 10 year prison sentence.  His bond is $75,000.

Below is his rap sheet from the Montana Department of corrections.

DOCKET: DDC-20-495

COUNTY: Cascade
JUDGE: Parker
LEGAL TYPE: Original Sentence
SENTENCE TYPE: Deferred Sentence

OFFENSE: Aggravated Assault Felony Assault
CODE: 455202
OFFENSE DATE: 7/17/2020

DOCKET: CDC-20-672
COUNTY: Cascade
JUDGE: Kutzman
LEGAL TYPE: Original Sentence
SENTENCE TYPE: DOC Commit All Suspended

OFFENSE: Criminal Mischief
CODE: 456101
OFFENSE DATE: 7/28/2020

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