Already out on probation for drugs, a Great Falls woman has been busted again, this time for endangering the welfare of her eight-year-old daughter.  Samantha Leach, 32, was arrested Monday after police raided the home she's been living  in along the 1600 block of 7th street Northwest.  Inside police say they found drug paraphernalia.

In charging documents against Leach it says that she caused or permitted her child to inhale, be exposed to, have contact with, or ingest meth or be exposed to or have  contact with meth paraphernalia.  A conviction on the charge carries five years.

There are other interesting things in the charging documents obtained by our newsroom.  A man, only identified as W.G. told police that he's been allowing Leach and her daughter to stay with him.  He told police that often Leach will leave the daughter with him and she will go out and party all night.  W.G. even says the eight-year-old girl once said to him that he could touch her anywhere on her body if  he wanted for $1,000.  The man also told police he found a spoon, glass pipes and a torch inside the home and he suspected Leach was smoking meth at the house.

leach is currently on probation after being sentenced to a suspended 24 months in prison on a drug charge.  Today she sits in the Cascade County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

Leach did talk to police and in the charging documents she admitted to using meth a few days before the house raid but denied having any narcotics or paraphernalia inside the home.


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