A 37 year old Great Falls woman who has been in trouble with the law before is now facing a host of new charges including 10 counts of criminal endangerment.  Police say Geneva Lamere allegedly stole a pickup and when police tracked her down she fled running at least one red light before she crashed along 26th street near 10th Avenue South.  This was back on April third.

Cascade County Jail Roster
Cascade County Jail Roster

And for the past several days police have been asking potential victims to come forward.  Victims that may have been either struck or nearly struck by the pickup Lamere was driving.  Today,  ten people have come forward with at least one saying to police, "they were almost run over by the crazy lady in the white truck."

When police arrived at the crash scene, the truck was on its side and Lamere was standing up inside the truck which she could not get out of.  One officer said Lamere appeared to be intoxicated.  the officer said she had slurred speech, a blank stare, disheveled clothing, was jittery and unable to sit still.  At one point she apparently took off her clothes in front of officers.  Police later discovered a backpack in the truck with Lamere's name on it.  Inside was a needle, and a torch and a white substance in a bag.  Police suspect it was meth.

Lamere is also facing other charges in the case today.  One count of failing to stop at a red light,  fleeing police, driving while license is suspended,  Stealing the truck, her second DUI and criminal possession of dangerous drugs.  Her bond is $75,000.

She does have one prior.  Back in 2019 she was sentenced to 3 years on a drug charge in Yellowstone County.  She served time in the state pen on that charge.

Here is her state prison mugshot from 2019.


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