Bringing High School Baseball To Great Falls

There are not many sports out there that they can say are as American as baseball!

Overall, Montana is pretty well-versed when it comes to baseball.

Most major towns in the state of Montana have a semi-pro team.

If you're interested in hosting a baseball player right here in Gray Falls, check out the story below.👇

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High School Baseball in Montana

As popular as baseball is here in the Treasure State, it's interesting that there aren't many high schools with baseball teams in Montana.

I can't speak for every community in Montana, but I can't speak for Great Falls.

Baseball is not associated with high school here in the Electirc City.

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The other day, I stumbled across a group working to change that fact.

Here is the banner I found on Facebook.

High School Baseball In Great Falls
High School Baseball In Great Falls

High School Baseball In Great Falls

High School Baseball in Great Falls

Without many details about this, it appears that the Great Falls school board will be chatting about bringing baseball to high schools in the electric city on Monday, June 4th.

If you have any input on this or would like your voice heard again, this appears to be the meeting to discuss all the details.

If you have more information on this upcoming meeting, please message us using the station app.

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