If you are the average Montanan you have a mortgage, credit card debt and maybe even a personal loan, not to mention that car payment.  So how much debt is the average Montanan carrying.

First lets look at the mortgage.  The average amount still owed on a home in Montana is around $210,000 according The Center Square.  That amounts to about $25,000 less than the national average.  And Montana is one of only a handful of states that have a lower than average mortgage debt even though the homes in the state are usually less affordable.  The highest average mortgage debt is in California at about $400,000.  West Virginia has the lowest Mortgage debt at $128,000.

Lets look at credit card debt.  The average Montana resident has about $5400 in credit card debt and that is well below the national average of $7400 according to NerdWallet.  GOBankingrates says there are as many as 14,000,000 americans with over $10,000 in credit card debt.  YIKES!

Do you have a personal loan?  If so the average balance on that type of loan in Montana is around $25,000 according to Experian.  And it is one of the highest balances of any state.  Experian says nationwide, the total personal loan debt is over $133,000,000,000.  YIKES AGAIN!

Now lets look at the vehicle loan.  In Montana the average monthly payment is around $552 a month and the amount still owed is around $21,000.  If you are thinking of buying a brand new car The Zebra says the average monthly payment is $648.  And a used vehicle $503.

Lets sum this up.  if you are the average Montanan with a home, new car, credit card debt and a personal loan you are in debt $261,4000.  DOUBLE YIKES!!!

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