Did you know you could get married in Montana and not even be in Montana.  It is called a double proxy marriage and it is becoming a big thing in the Treasure State.

In order to be married by double proxy one of you has to be a member of the United States Armed Forces or one of you has to be a resident of the state.  California, Colorado,  and Texas are the only other states that allow a  proxy wedding.

The Montana law is unique because it does not require a person to be here.  Unlike in  California, Texas and Colorado where at least one person has to be in the state. It was mostly designed to help military people. Today it is estimated that over 4,000 double proxy marriages took place in Montana just last year.

Here is how it works.

1.  Two stand-ins act on your behalf.

2.  Both parties must sign over their right of attorney to their chosen stand in.

3.   A legal representative must present themselves before the county clerk.

4.  Bingo.  You are married.

Average cost for a double proxy marriage is $700.

The requirement for  the officiant is the same as in other weddings.  The stand-ins and the wedding officiant will complete the marriage license and no additional witnesses are required.

The double proxy wedding is especially beneficial to military partners that might be on opposite ends of the earth and thousands of miles apart.  It allows them to share benefits like insurance and housing and it provides security for families.

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