Moist. Let's just get that word out of a the way right away because I know how many people despise that word. That said it's pretty hard to describe a good cake without using the word moist, because a good cake has to be moist. I'm sure the bakery making the best cake in Montana would agree.

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I really enjoy baking, it's something that all the matriarchs in my family were really good at. I mean REALLY good at. I fully believe that the secret ingredient in a good baked good is love. You can tell that lots of love goes into the baked goods at the bakery that Eat This Not That said had the best cake in Montana.

Keep scrolling to see the best cake in Montana 👇

They also do more than just cakes at this Montana bakery. Check out all the yummy baked goods they have.

They have cupcakes for almost any occasion.

Cookies galore.

And of course, they have cakes that have gotten them named the best cake in Montana.

What bakery can you get all this at?

That would be Bernice's Bakery in Missoula.

Bernice’s Bakery has been a Missoula gem since 1978. We provide quality baked goods, excellent service and the warmest, most inviting atmosphere.

Not only can you get all those delicious cookies, cupcakes and cakes at Bernice's Bakery, but they also serve up a lunch menu as well. It's served 11-4 daily and it is a different menu each day, letting you know that all the food will be made fresh.

Do you agree or disagree? Is there another bakery you think has the best cake in Montana? Email me and let me know about them.

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