When Does Daylight Saving Time End In Montana?

With summer winding down we already are getting less and less sun, which for fans of being outdoors in Montana can be a bit of a downer.

That means pretty soon here, we'll be "falling back" to get us some more sunlight, but what day will that be, and does it actually give us more sun?

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We've talked before about how Daylight Saving Time doesn't actually give you more sunlight and the other myths surrounding it.

Honestly I thought we'd be done with this whole "fall back" stuff this year as well.

A hand pushes the minute hand back on a clock

Marco Rubio a Senator from Florida has put forth what is called the "Sunshine Protection Act."

The bill has passed the Senate, but unfortunately it's gone no where in the House of Representatives, so once again we're stuck having to change our clocks this fall.

The website The Manual breaks down why in 2023 the constant changing of our clocks is outdated and frankly stupid.

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Some of the reasons are as follows

  • Daylight savings time changes increase the risk of heart disease, immune disorders, mental and behavioral disorders, and personal injuries.
  • In the days following the start of DST, the number of heart attacks in the US spikes by 24%.
  • DST can impact people’s circadian rhythms, which may cause drowsiness, moodiness, sleep problems, and other health risks.
  • The spring transition to DST increases fatal traffic accidents by 6% in the US.
  • Making daylight savings permanent would drastically reduce deer collisions on the road, killing 37,000 fewer deer each year.
  • Due to loss of sleep and productivity, one workforce consultant estimated the biannual time change costs the US over $430 million a year.
  • A study of newly implemented DST in Indiana found that the switch led to a 1% rise in residential electricity use, increasing total residential electricity bills by an estimated $9 million annually.

When Does Daylight Saving Time 2023 End?

This year the clock will fall back an hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 5.

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