Montana Viewers Set to Lose Netflix on Certain Smart TVs

I have some good news and some bad news for people who love to watch movies.  Same goes for those who love to binge watch series of shows.  Or see the latest releases.


The good news is that Netflix isn't going away totally.  The bad news is that it isn't going to work on certain smart televisions anymore.  So, you may end up having to dig into the fun money fund for a new one.

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In a release from the website UNILAD, Netflix will again be rolling out, or in this case cutting off, another group of Smart TVs that aren't quite up to snuff with today's types of technology.  They did the same thing back in 2019, which you can read about here.

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It doesn't mean that you won't ever have access to the service again.  But you will have to access the service in a different manner, such as a secondary device like a Playstation, Xbox, Roku device or Firestick from Amazon.

Which Smart TVs And When Will They Be Affected by the New Change in Montana?

According to UNILAD, Sony and Apple TVs will be the most affected.  Netflix will cease working on July 24th for many of the models, then July 31st for other Apple TV models.  A full list of affected TVs can be found here.

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Are you worried about losing your service with the upcoming changes, and will it make you purchase a new Smart TV in order to continue receiving it?  Let us know in our app chat feature or you can email me here.

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