Applebees Are Closing Around The United States

Applebee's Montana
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According to Restaurant Business On Line, since 2017, Applebees has been closing down locations across America. They've closed around 300 restaurants, weeding out underperformers to  "return to growth mode".

They thought they'd seen the last of the closures and projected that fact for 2023. They were wrong.  The CEO of owner Dine Brands said that most of the remaining restaurants they expected to close are 20 years old or more.  Others that may close have leases that are expiring.

Restaurant Business On Line reports Applebees plans to work with their franchise owners and get them situated in places more conducive to good restaurant business.  Applebees is working on a more affordable prototype for their franchisees, "and is offering incentives to operators who agree to expand beyond their contractually required number of stores".

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My Mom Loves Going To Applebees

She feels like she's having a great meal at a great price.  Mom really loves the 2 for $25 dinner options they offer.  Also, in Great Falls, our Applebee's has a great view of the Missouri River making it extra nice.

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Applebee's Sign Montana
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Will Montana's Applebees Stores Be The Next To Close?

96.3 The Blaze reports Montana has 7 Applebees locations in the state.  As of writing, none of the seven have been chosen for closure, or "retirement" as Applebees likes to say.

A Dual Branded Applebees Is Certainly A Possibility

Restaurant Business On Line reported about a Applebees/IHop dual branded restaurant that opened in Dubai in January 2023.  There is one dual branded Applebees/IHop in America, in Detroit.  It opened in 2017.

As of writing, Applebees won't comment on whether or not they plan to open the dual branded restaurants across America.

Applebee's Montana
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For Now, Our Applebee's Are Safe

Breath easy, Montana.  For once, locations in Montana are not on the chopping block.  If for some reason that changes, we will let you know.

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