What?! More new restaurants? You don't say.

We have a lot of new stuff going in throughout Great Falls. We have then new Chipotle, Rib and Chop House, and more restaurants over at The West Bank landing. It's a relief to see places to eat rather than a casino, car wash or a tire shop breaking ground. No disrespect to any of those places.

That leaves me with some chit chat I saw online. I follow a few Great Falls pages on Facebook that are private groups that anyone from Great Falls can get into, so it's not really a secret per se, but they were talking about a certain restaurant that could  potentially go into the old Joann's building on tenth avenue south.

Google Maps
Google Maps

As you may know, they are moving down the street to the mall, 2 doors down from Hobby Lobby.

It's one restaurant chain that I've heard of but have never been. They have a few locations in Montana as well as around the Midwest.

Maybe you've heard of a little place called Pizza Ranch.

According to their website, Pizza Ranch started in Hull, Iowa after founder Adrie Groeneweg started testing pizza recipes in his Mom's kitchen in 1981 when he was just 19 years old.

When Adrie Groeneweg began testing pizza recipes in his parents’ kitchen in the early 1980s, little did he know he was creating a recipe that would result in a resounding business success.

Looking at the comments from social media post about the perspective new location, reviews are rather polarized. Some people really love it and some hate it. As a person that's never been there and heard there's an arcade inside, I'll definitely give it a shot if they show up.

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