If you love history, THIS is the place for you to check out! It started as a way to make humanities fun, interesting, and more accessible to us, the public. The project uses a variety of ways to show how history has shaped the world we live in currently and how we treat one another.

This non-profit organization has made history come to life in downtown Bozeman. Have you ever wondered if the building you are walking by was once haunted, or maybe a murder happened there? The Extreme History Project will walk you through different historic events that happened right under our feet, and we had no clue!

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Who do we have to thank for The Extreme History Project? Marsha Fulton and Crystal Alegria.

Marsha is a University Professor and has taught Art History and Anthropology at numerous different colleges. Marsha has background that includes working in the North American Archaeology Lab at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and also the remodeling of the Native Cultures area of the Yellowstone Gateway Museum in Livingston, MT.


Crystal Alegria, the Executive Director, Crystal has worked with public history and archeology for over 20 years. Crystal grew up in Livingston, but now calls Bozeman home with her husband Larry and two kids, Emily and Lawson.

Click here for more information including their latest podcast, ticket prices, different events and how to donate! You can also find them on Facebook.

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