Montana is a beautiful state with outdoor recreation and stunning scenery everywhere you look. I've lived here for most of my life, but have yet to visit several places in our vast state. Outdoorsy places for people (like me) who perhaps aren't extreme hikers. Places that I can drive to fairly easily and "hike" as much or as little as I'd like with my family. Preferably, as little. I like scenery as much as the next person, but hiking all day up and down a mountain isn't my passion.

It's a big state. Credit Canva
It's a big state. Credit Canva

Distance is an issue.

The Treasure State is huge. Some of these places on the Montana Bucket List can take almost 9 hours of driving to reach (say, Missoula to Ekalaka). We would guess that you've probably checked off most of the destinations that are closer to your home. But what about the state parks, wildlife refuges, and other unique spots around our state that are maybe four or five hours away? Let's explore.

20 Montana Bucket List Destinations You Have to See

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