A Martin City, Montana woman who took to facebook last year to brag about "smoking" a wolf pup that later turned out to be a husky puppy has been sentenced in Flathead county.  Amber Rose Barnes not only shot the dog but then skinned it as well posting several pictures on her facebook page.  She added that her husband is going to be so proud of her.

She was charged with animal cruelty in October and today the judge gave her a six month deferred sentence and a $585 fine that was suspended.  All of this means that the charge will be scrubbed from the record if she meets the requirements in her sentencing.  Barnes must also complete a hunters course and she can not use her hunting rifle for six months.

Montana woman charged

dog shot

Montana woman sentenced.

Barnes faces harsh criticism after she bragged about the shooting on social media.  Her story quickly gained national attention as well.  Her is what she posted on her facebook page shortly after the shooting.

"So this morning I set out for a solo predator hunt for a fall black bear however I got the opportunity to take another predator wolf pup 2022 was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf pup." 

Montana woman arrested.

woman skins dog

She thought it was a wolf.

She also posted several pictures of her and the bloodied pooch including one of the dog skinned and laying in the back of her pickup.  Right away people started responding to her facebook post with one saying congratulations,  you just shot a dog.  One called her the "Montana dog butcher."


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