The other day I was just looking around the internet and  came across lists of horse names.  I was sitting in my office and just busted out laughing at some of the names.  To be honest with you,  we could all use a good laugh and this should bring a smile to your face, if nothing else.

1.  Bill Shut

2.  Buck Buck Goose

3.  Forest Jump

4.  Hoof Hearted

5.  Oh She Hit (say it fast)

6.  Second Mortgage

7.  My Allowance

8.  Pickled Pink

9.  National Debt

10.  Spongebob Horsepants

Drink Like A Horse
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11.  The Biggest Loser

12.  My Ex's Alimony

13.  Wholy Sheet

15.  Upchuck

16.  Peanuts Envy (get it?)

17.  Overdraft

18.  Kiss My Asterisk

19.  Guess. (when somebody ask you your horses name,  you say Guess)

20.  Divorce Settlement

Whinnying Horse
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21.   Edgar Allen Pony

22.  Maple Stirrup

23.  Passing Wind

24.  Maythehorsebewithu


26.  Sotally Tober

27.  My Wife Knows Everything

28.  Whyistherumgone

29.  Beer Me

30.  Odor In The Court

Bucking Bronco
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31.  Chester Drawers

32.  Instead of Homework

33.  Will Run For Food

34.  Horsey Mchorseface

35.  Pony Sorpano

36.  Hoofie Goldburg

37.  Filly On Up

38.  Trotting Spree

39.  I like Big Rumps And I Can Not Lie

40.  Sylvester Stallion

Laughing Horse
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41.  Horse Code

42.  Free Rein Chicken

43.  Glass Hoof Empty

44.  Jack Of All Hays

45.  Hay Over There

46.  Mane Of The Hour

47.  Eat My Road Apples

48.  May-Oh-Nays

49.  Forest Rump

50.  Big Time Maybe

And here are a couple more that I found today.

Faster Than The IRS


Whats A Mane Gotta Do

Not A Zebra

Under The Stable


Pony Up

Mini Me

Pony Butter N Jelly



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