I am going to start a new weekly feature.  It is a weekly look at some mug shots in the Cascade County Jail and what they are charged with.   Obviously just because they are in the Cascade County Jail does not mean they are guilty of any crime, you are only  charged and a mug shot is taken as part of the booking process.

Sure,  the pictures are blurry but it still gives you a good idea what is sitting in our county jail and what they are charged with.

Maybe you've seen some of these people before, maybe walking down the street, in a bar, camping next to you, or maybe they were your neighbor.


Top mug shots of the week from the Cascade County Jail Roster

Share this with a friend if you want.  Thanks for looking at this weeks Midweek Mug Shots.  And remember,  all are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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