With Valentine's Day just around the corner,  the website bookies.com has come up with a list of the most romantic states and Montana is near the bottom.  The Treasure State ranked 42nd.

Bookies.com says it looked at Google Trends data going  back over the previous six years looking at what people are searching for around Valentine's Day.  Things like, what gifts to buy, a romantic getaway and more.  They only looked at 30 days out from the big day.  All states were then assigned a number value from 1-100 based on the data search.  Montana scored a 71, tying with Tennessee.  The only states below Montana were Alaska, Wisconsin, Colorado, Minnesota, Washington and Oregon, which was dead last.  Montana's score in 2021 was 60, and that year we finished dead last.

Scoring a perfect 100 was West Virginia.  They are at the top of the list followed by New Jersey, Delaware, pennsylvania and New York rounding out the top five.  West Virginia has finished at the top of the list for the past six years.

When it comes to Oregon at the bottom of the list,  bookies.com has this to say.  The state flower here is the Oregon Grape Flower, which could be the worst state flower in the country.  Maybe that's why Oregon is dead-last on the romanticism rankings.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway in Montana,  here is one near Glacier Park.

Cabin getaway

Getaway cabin

near Glacier

find it in Vrbo

Near Glacier Park historic cabin couples / honeymoon / families HOT TUB views

Only 20 minutes to Glacier National Park. Gorgeous Views!!100+ year old homestead cabins brought back to life with all new modern-day amenities and beautifully decorated. Please note that we do allow for only 4 adults and 4 children maximum staying in this cabin. Enjoy a private hot tub overlooking the mountain views, playground for kids, fire pit, horses, goats, and chickens to visit.

cabin getaway

Inside of cabin getaway

Near Glacier National Park.


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