Montana prison officials say 49 year old Todd Fisher was found dead Sunday at the prison in Deer Lodge.   And they say he was murdered.  No other details have been released at this time as the investigation continues.

Fisher was from Glendive and was found guilty of murdering his 80-year-old father in 2017.  During his trial, witnesses said Fisher was stressed out for having to care  for his father who they say would often berate him.  They also say his father was upset because Todd had charged $10,000 to his credit card.  Todd was also the beneficiary of his father's $60,000 life insurance policy.

Todd Fisher
Montana State Prison Photo


Found guilty of murdering his father in 2017.

Police say fisher lived with his father and after the murder staged the crime scene to look like a home invasion.  He was sentenced to 70-years behind bars.

Fisher later appealed his conviction to the state supreme court.  They ruled 5-0 that the conviction was justified adding that the right man is behind bars for the murder of Wilbur Fisher in October of 2017.

The last person to be murdered in the Montana State Prison was 53 year old Danny Hartford.  He died in October of 2012.  He died after an inmate cut his throat with a prison made weapon.    Hartford was sentenced in 1997 to 30-years on two sexual assault counts out of Lewis and Clark County.

To date, there are 2773 inmates in the state prison system.  About 2,400 are male and another 245 are females that are housed at the Women's state prison in Billings.  Both male and female populations are slightly over capacity for each prison.


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