I was reading some sports news the other day and came across this story about Jake Sanderson of Whitefish, Montana.  The story says Sanderson is the first ever native Montanan to play in the National Hockey League.


Jake Sanderson

Ottawa Senators

How good is Sanderson?  He was drafted #5 overall in the 2020 draft at the age of 19.  He is now a regular defenseman with the Ottawa Senators in Canada.  He won't even turn 21 until July, well after this NHL season is over.  He got his first ever goal on the road at Las Vegas on November 23, 2022.  Watch it below and listen to the praise the announcers give Sanderson.

He made his debut in the NHL with Ottawa in October against the Buffalo Sabres.  So far this year he has three goals and 18 assists and that's not bad for a defensemen.  He is also a big defensemen at 6' 3'' and 195 pounds.  And on skates he's more like 6'5".

Being taken #5 overall in the NHL draft is a big deal.  Here is what the scouting report says about Sanderson. He is great at preventing breakouts.  He's got a quick wrister and he can create havoc. He's calculated, disciplined, physical and creative.  There isn't much that he can't do on the defensive side of the ice.

Jake is the son of Geoff and Ellen Sanderson.  He was born in July of 2002 and his father also played in the NHL as did two of his father's cousin's.

Jake Sanderson wears #85 and his salary is $1,000,000.  That will likely be going up.

Next time the Senators are on,  grab a beer and watch the Montana Native.  We should all be proud.


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