If you're like me,  I love nicknames and always wonder how the nicknames  came about.  Here in Great Falls our nickname is, The Electric City.  Makes sense with all the dam's creating power along the Missouri River.

The Electric City from Overlook Park
The Electric City from Overlook Park

Great Falls

Great Falls Realtors Flag Project

Montana has a nickname of, The Treasure State.  That came about because off all the gold, silver and copper in them hills.  Montana is also called, Big Sky Country and the Last Best Place.  There was even an attempt in 1894 to call Montana's inhabitants, Montanese or Montanians.  We of course are called Montanans today.  Montana is sometimes called the "406" a reference to the states area Code.  Here is an obscure nickname for Montana, The Stubbed-Toe State.  This one showed up in the 1922 World Almanac.  It is an apparent reference to the ruggedness of the state.

Some towns have more than one nickname in Montana.  Billings is called the Magic city, Montana's Trailhead, Montana's City and the Star of the Big Sky Country.  They just added another nickname that is trending "B" Town.

Butte has a couple of nicknames.  The Mining City (duh) and The Richest Hill on Earth (duh again).

Bozeman has a couple interesting nicknames, Bozangeles and Bozone.  Wonder what they were smoking that day when they came up with those names?

How about Missoula?  The West Butte City, The Garden City and Zootown.  Helena has a nickname of Queen of the Mountains.

How about some of the smaller towns in Montana.

Cut Bank:  Coldest Spot in the Nation.

Glasgow:  The Middle of Nowhere.

Glendive:  Good People surrounded by Badlands.

Kalispell:  The Hub of the Valley.

Libby:  City of Eagles.

I'm sure there are nicknames that I have missed so let me know at pat.frisch@townsquaremedia.com


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