Smoke from fires covering Western Montana have filtered into Central Montana making this Labor Day weekend hazy.  Currently there are 10 large fires with over 1000 acres burned and over 80 smaller fires less than 1000 acres burned.  The fire at Matt Staff Road in East Helena is the primary suspect for the smoke around Great Falls, but several smaller fires south and west of Great Falls are also contributing.

Here is the current Fire Map

Smoke in North Central Montana

Current air quality in Great Falls is a Moderate level with an AQI score of 87. People with breathing issues or sensitive groups should limit outdoor activity.  The temperatures will continue to be hot for the next several days with Friday being the coolest day with High 60’s or low 70’s.

Here is the current Weather Forecast

Check on neighbors and elderly or disabled friends and family to make sure they have the provisions needed to get through these “dog days of summer.”  Drink lots of water and limit excessive outdoor work.

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