A new Study out from Pew Research says Montana is number 1 when it comes  to gun ownership.  Pew says 66.3% of Montana's residents own a gun and that tops Wyoming who is just below at 66.2%..  Alaska was third at 64.5 percent.

One of the reasons is all the hunting that goes on here and some of the most pro gun laws in the country.  You can conceal carry without a permit in Montana if you are 18 or older.  And according to a Google search the most popular gun in Montana is a 9mm Glock.  Movoto says there are more guns in Montana than there are in the entire country of Libya.  The estimation is around 100,000,000 guns are in the hands of Montanans today with many owning several.


How popular are guns in Montana right now?  In just January of this year the FBI conducted almost 9000 background checks related to firearm sales in Montana.  That's up almost 2% from the year before.  The largest share of background checks were for handguns.


The states with the least amount of guns per capita are all liberal states.

They are, Delaware, Maryland, California, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Jersey ranks at the bottom at just 14.7%.

Neighboring states around Montana look like this.

Wyoming at 66.2%

Idaho at 60.1%

South Dakota at 55.3%

North Dakota at 55.1%

Pew Research  estimates there are about 350,000,000 guns in the United States.  That would mean one gun for every person in the country.  They also say the United States is number on globally when it comes to owning a gun.

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