406 Sports first reported on this story earlier this week but what I found interesting was all the comments posted.  Some are pretty funny.

University of Montana
University of Montana

Here is how the story goes,  Lady Griz coach Brian Holsinger and his mother went to watch his daughter play in a seventh grade game for Valley Christian.   According to 406 Reporting,  a referee in the girls game tossed both of them for yelling at the officials.  Holsinger tells his side of the story like this.  My mom yelled, "jump Ball."  and the ref threw her out.  I told the ref she just said, "jump ball" and he threw me out too, said the coach.  406 reports there was a witness that said they were yelling throughout the entire game at the referees and the ref apparently had enough of it and kicked both of them out.

 Here are some of the comments that got my attention.

These comments came from the 406 Sports Facebook page.

"Good for the ref."

"This may give a little insight into the lack of success from lady griz. Coach and grandma need to grow up. No excuses."

"Probably a Cat fan???"  (referencing the ref.)

"Hopefully Mr. Holsinger will see his short coming and make this right. It will be a shame if he doesn't, and as a result he'll get a "Rude and Discourteous" ✅️ on his next report card from his teacher. Naughty, naughty!"

"Everyone is the hero of their own story. Stop yelling at refs at youth games. Simple enough.
Good for the ref - they put up with infinitely more crap from the stands than any coach would ever accept."
"Only Bobby can do that!!!" (reference to Griz football coach)
"Ban him and his mother from all sports in Montana for life."
What do you think?

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