There sure are some disgusting things in our homes.   After searching the internet and looking around my home I have come up with a top 10 list of the dirtiest things in our homes.

10: Sheets on the bed.

Bed sheets can get pretty disgusting.  Lets face it, some of us sweat at night, and who knows what else we've done during the night.  The recommendation is to clean them at least once a week.  Hell, we shower and wash our clothes all the time.

9.  Toilet.

The toilet.  Need I say more.  Clean it all the time.

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8.  Cell Phone.

How many times have you touched your phone without washing your hands.  How many times have you taken it into the bathroom with you and how many times have you touched it while eating or  cooking?

7. Cutting Board.

That cutting board is pretty disgusting.  Especially the wooden ones.  The spaces in thee wood is where the bacteria thrives.

6.  Coffee maker.

That area where you pour the water into the coffee maker is a human frapateria.  If not cleaned it will  be home to mold and other microorganisms.  Cheers!

coffee maker
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coffee maker

Coffee Maker

5.  Pet Bowls.

Wash them every day or your dog will run away.

4. Toothbrush and toothbrush holders.

The worst part about this is after we rinse off the brush we let it drip and that's after it came out of you mouth where a lot of bacteria lives.

3.  Dish rags.

You should use a new one each time.  And for god sakes,  don't clean off the counter top with it and then clean the dishes.

2.  Kitchen Sink.

The sink is a breeding ground for bacteria, e. coli, salmonella.  Enough said.

Pat Frisch- Canva

Dirty kitchen sink


1.  Can Opener.

Have you ever taken a close look at your can opener?  It quickly becomes unsanitary, leading to bacteria growth.  And if you don't clean it, it is one of the leading causes of bacteria spreading in the kitchen.

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