The first thing we learned about the Chinese Spy Balloon is that China Lied.  They lied to us when they said it was a weather balloon.  But most of us with common sense know that China is not going to tell you the truth when they are caught spying.  They are a communist country and they are trying to ruin the United States of America.

We've now learned that the balloon was listening in to communications on the ground while it was floating over the United States last week, including a slow move across Montana probably trying to listen in to Malmstrom Air Force Base who is in charge of about 200 missiles.  According to reports out of a closed door briefing with Congress Thursday,  the balloon was reportedly able to collect signal intelligence collection operations.  What this means is the chinese were gathering information on things like communications and radars.

We are also learning that by using a balloon they are able to take pictures that are 22 times better than any photo they could get from a satellite in space.  This balloon also hovered over Montana for a while giving it the opportunity to take more accurate pictures and by hovering it also allows for a better chance to listen in.

Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines asked some good questions at the closed door briefing.  Here is what he asked.  The only problem is, we won't know the answers because it was a classified meeting.

  1. Why was the balloon allowed to enter US airspace if it was a violation of international law to do so?


  1. How close did the balloon get to Malmstrom Air Force Base and our missile silos?


  1. What other sensitive national security and military sites did it fly over?


  1. Did the balloon have a self-destruction device as has been reported? If so, why wasn’t that deemed to be a significant threat?


  1. How many square miles of Montana could it have collected surveillance over?  How many square miles of the country?


  1. Was the balloon communicating with satellites or with Chinese-manufactured telecom equipment on the ground?


  1. Why was a missile used to shoot the balloon down instead of the F-22 20mm cannon. Do we have experimental aerial direct energy weapons (lasers) that could have been used to down the balloon?


  1. How was it determined that balloons flew over the US during the previous administration?


  1. Why did administration officials tell the media this happened in the previous administration and then later clarified to say the previous administration did not know about it?


  1. It was reported you may hit 2000 people if you blew it up over Montana. How did you calculate that?

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