We have the details in this mornings latest shooting in Great Falls.  Originally it was reported that a shooting occurred along First Avenue North.  That is not the case.  It turns out a shooting took place just after midnight in the 600 block of 4th  Street South and the suspect in that shooting  was holed up today for about 5 hours in a home along 1st Avenue North. He just surrendered to police and is in custody.

Schools were also in lockdown for a time today.

The man shot early this morning along Fourth Street South was James Gardipee.  He was shot in the arm and is recovering.  The man holed up in the house has been identified as 37 year old Anthony Wills.  An arrest warrant was issued for him on two charges.  One of assault with a weapon and criminal endangerment.  Wills has two prior convictions out of Cascade County.  One in 2017 for theft and a drug conviction just last November.  Below is his state prison mugshot.

State Prison Mugshot of Anthony Wills.
State Prison Mugshot of Anthony Wills.

In Wills charging documents it says that he shot Gardipee in the street and then left the scene at 12:03 this morning.  Police say they found a 9mm shell casing in the area of the shooting.

Below is the felony convictions for Wills.

DOCKET: ADC-21-310

COUNTY: Cascade
JUDGE: Grubich
LEGAL TYPE: Original Sentence
SENTENCE TYPE: DOC Commit All Suspended

OFFENSE: Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drugs
CODE: 459102
OFFENSE DATE: 4/28/2021

DOCKET: ADC-16-694
COUNTY: Cascade
JUDGE: Pinski
LEGAL TYPE: Original Sentence
SENTENCE TYPE: DOC Commit Partial Suspended

CODE: 456301
OFFENSE DATE: 11/30/2016

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