Each year the Census Bureau puts out an updated list of what the average household income in each city and town in Montana is.  I bet a lot of you would guess Billings as the richest city in Montana but that would be wrong.  According to the latest statistics the number one richest city in Montana is Whitefish.  The average household income in Whitefish is  $111,754.

Here is the rest of the top ten in Montana.

#2  Bozeman at $95,595

#3 Belgrade $93,900

#4 Culbertson $93,587

#5 Plentywood $92,494

#6 Manhattan $92,340

#7 Billings $88,416

#8 Colstrip $86,216

#9 Helena $84,410

#10  Fairview $81,990

Now lets take a look at some cities and towns around central Montana.

Great Falls comes in 29th on the list at $69,125.

Shelby $77,026

Fairfield $73,972

Havre $66,272

Fort Benton $66,000

Big Sandy $65,000

Cut Bank $64,120

Conrad $61,800

Belt $57,000

Choteau $56,800

Lewistown $49,400

Cascade $46,800

Browning $35,720

To put all these numbers in perspective.  The average household income in the U.S. is $67,400.  In Montana it is just over $60,000 and it is estimated that about 6% of Montana households make over $200,000 per year.  The people that make the most in Montana are in the 45-64 age range. Those in the 25-44 range make just under $70,000.  The poorest city in Montana is said to be Plains where the average household income is around $24,000.  Plains is located southwest of Flathead Lake.

Which city in the U.S. has the highest household income.

The highest household income is in Southlake, Texas where it comes in at $240,000. And 70% of Southlake's population has at least a bachelor's degree.  I bet a lot of you would have picked a city in California for being the highest but the average household income in California is just over $87,000.

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