By now most of you have heard of Montana Democrat Transgender State Lawmaker Zooey Zephyr.  She was the one banned from the state house for attacking republicans on the house floor during a debate over transgender care of minors.  She said republicans would have "blood on their hands" if they voted in favor of the bill which they did and the bill passed and has since been signed by the governor.

We wanted to find out who Zooey Zephyr is and who she was before becoming a state lawmaker.  We reached out to Jeremy Carl who is a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute.  He is also a Montana resident who lives in the Bridger Mountains near Bozeman.

Jeremy Carl-Claremont Institute
Jeremy Carl-Claremont Institute

He told us that we were free to use whatever we wanted from his piece.  The piece is titled "The Real Zooey Zephyr, The Radical Transgender Activist  Who Held The Montana Legislature Hostage."

In his piece he says that Zooey Zephyr was born Zachary Raasch in Billings, Montana and grew up there and in Washington State where he was a champion high school wrestler.  Zooey Zephyr did not become his new name until 2019.  According to Carl,  his parents who are conservative christians disowned him when he decided to transition.  An old abandoned Master's Thesis at the University of Montana shows that Raasch was interested in transhumanism which is the melding of man and machine through technological enhancement of the human body.

 A picture of Raasch prior to beginning a sex change.

Raasch- Claremont Institute
Raasch- Claremont Institute

For the past year Raasch has been dating Anthony "Erin" Reed who is a prominent transgender activist here in the states.  Carl states in his piece that Raasch does not believe parents should have any say if a child is transitioning at school.  Prior to this, Carl says Raasch was married to a woman and had a child.  His ex-wife is now fighting for custody of that child.

This is an excerpt from Carl's piece.

He shows all the classic signs of an autogynephilic—a man who (often spurred by pornography or fetish) becomes sexually aroused by the idea of themselves as a woman. This existence of this condition and its popularity among certain kinds of transgender-identifying men was first observed by Dr. Ray Blanchard and then popularized by Northwestern University psychologist and transgender scholar J. Michael Bailey in his pathbreaking 2003 book The Man who Would Be Queen.

Carl says he found this
2020 tweet from Zephyr.
Rep. Zooey Zephyr
·This is my ideal relationship with a man: one where I'm riding him, and also ready to end his life.


Zephyr was just elected to the state house out of Missoula and is in the first term.
Jeremy Carl
Jeremy received a BA with distinction from Yale University. He holds an MPA from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and did doctoral work at Stanford University, where he was a Packard Foundation Stanford Graduate Fellow.

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