Lets blame David DePape.  Who is David DePape?  He is the guy that reportedly broke into the home of Paul and Nancy Pelosi last week in California. He was apparently looking for Nancy.  He had zip ties and Duct Tape with him.  Lets blame him for the vicious attack on Paul Pelosi with a hammer.  That's what police say.  It was DePape that broke into the home.  It wasn't Trump's fault, it wasn't MAGA and it certainly wasn't someone in their right mind that broke into the Pelosi home and attacked Paul Pelosi.   And before we go any further in this story, we wish Paul a full recovery and the person that committed the crime a warm bed, three meals a day and several years prison.  Careful about picking up that soap.

If DePape is the guy that committed the crime, then why are so many blaming Trump.  It's simple,  it is always somebody else's fault.  Minnesota lefty Senator Amy Klobuchar immediately blamed former President Donald Trump  and the MAGA crowd.  Is David DePape a MAGA supporter.  No!  His former partner says he has mental problems and often referred to himself as Jesus.

DePape was living in a van,  and sometimes an old school bus out front of what is being called a hippie house where a nudist lives.   All around the hippie house are signs supporting left wing causes.  Like the sign supporting, "Black Lives Matter."   A nearby American Flag with rainbow colors and marijuana leaves hangs at the house.  Also at the house is a nudist named Gypsy Taub. She lives there.   Taub and DePape have two children together  but apparently he got the boot from the nudist after a fight seven years ago and he was thrown in the dog house, or in this  case,  the van or the bus.

Ryan La Coste lives next door to the nude house and he says he was not surprised at all that DePape was arrested.  He said DePape and others at the house are always planning something to keep them in the news.  He said, "they always want to be in the spotlight."

Dried up actor and leftist, Rob Reiner has chimed in.  He says Trump is to blame.  He says Trump questioning the election results of 2020 , directly inspired the recent attack on the Pelosi Home.  Reiner is such a meathead.

Why didn't Reiner complain when the leftist from northern California named Nicholas Roske was taken into custody after attempting to assassinate justice Brett Kavanaugh?  I  guess the narrative there didn't quite work out.  Again,  I bet he feels like a real meathead.  I know I would if I was as stupid as he was.  And didn't Reiner push the Russia Hoax for several years?  We all know that wasn't true and we know the only reason the Russia Hoax started was because the left did not like Trump and wanted to remove a newly elected President. In other words, they didn't like the election outcome. Even Billary Clinton questioned Trump's election as late as 2019.

And we can't leave out our President of the United States, Joe Biden.  He said, The only person to blame is Trump.   I'm not sure he even remembers saying that. Afterall, he was in Pennsylvania last week saying that back in 2018 He and President Barack Obama had visited 54 states.  54 states?  Did California finally split into two states?  Did we annex Cuba?  Did some of the Hawaiian Islands split off into seperate states?  Are there really four new states?  I guess the mainstream media missed a big story there.

What we all need to do is blame the person that committed the crime and stop blaming other people for what the 42-year-old DePape allegedly did.  It's not anybody's fault but DePape.


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